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Domestic Violence Training
  • Co-facilitated DV Groups at Somerset County's Options Program from 2002-2008

  • Provided Court-ordered DV training individually in private practice setting.

  • Provided Domestic Violence training to clients of the NJ division of Child Protection & Permanency and NJ's Probationers.


Anger Management Training
  • Wrote Anger Management Training Manual that has been used in a) NJ's prisons, b) in Somerset County's Domestic Violence groups, c) in my work with NJ's Sexually Violent Predators at the Special Treatment Units of the Ann Klein Forensic Center, and d) in my private practice work.

  • Provided Anger Management Training for Over 30 years to NJ's inmates, NJ's Sexually Violent Predators, and to Court-ordered clients in private practice some of whom were clients of the NJ Division of Child Protection & Permanency.

  • Provided Anger Management Training seminars to a) therapists that work with NJ's Sexually Violent Predators, b) therapists at Somerset County's Community Mental Health Center, c) vocational counselors at the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Newark, d) NJ's Correctional Psychologists, and e) therapists at a private mental health agency in Northern NJ.


Individual/Group Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Couples Counseling
  • Provided Individual and Group Psychotherapy to NJ inmates, adolescents and adults, NJ's Sexually Violent Predators, NJ's Probationers and Parolees, clients of the Division of Child Protection & Permanency, and private practice clients,

  • Provided Family Therapy and Couples Counseling to clients from the division of Child Protection & Permanency and private practice clients.


Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Obtained my PhD from a Marriage & Family Counseling doctoral program within the Counseling Psychology Department at Seton Hall University,

  • Received extensive training in Family Therapy and Couples Counseling

  • Retired from the State of NJ after 30 years where my primary Civil Service title was psychologist (unlicensed).

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